Sarah Kowenicki

Aurora Salopialis

Aurora Salopialis

In May 2024, the Northern Lights were widely visible across the UK, and Salopians (people of Shropshire) took to their garden's and the county's many dark sky spots to capture this breath-taking sight on cameras and smart phones. The Aurora Borealis is particularly bright around every 22 years so this was a once-in-a-generation chance to capture the phenomenon. Sadly, I slept right through the excitement but devoured friends' and social media's pictures morosely the following morning, when the idea took me to try to capture it on canvas. Many thanks to Olivia Wells for allowing me to use her photography as particular inspiration. The painting is on a stretched canvas, double-varnished, and framed in a dark grey painted wooden "floating frame".


Aurora Salopialis - framed

For sale

Framed as shown: £320

Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas

Dimensions (unframed):
Box canvas square (60.0 × 60.0cm)


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