Sarah Kowenicki

Hello! I'm Sarah Kowenicki (pronounced "Kov-enn-IT-skee"!), a Shrewsbury-based artist painting anything and everything but often landscapes, seascapes and other subjects that provoke a strongly positive emotional response. I adore the process of painting and I want viewers of my paintings to share in that joy, so I often choose subjects which have a personal significance for me.

A little more about me: I lived in central London for 16 years and have worked in the humanitarian aid sector. I have 3 amazing children who keep me and my husband on our toes (!) and we all love getting outside to go walking, camping and exploring.

So why not get in touch and let me know what you love to see in a picture, or even to discuss commissioning me to paint one for you? Or simply enjoy having a browse, and connect with me on social media to follow my latest work, news and exhibitions.

And if you're thinking "OK, but where is Shrewsbury?", it's in Shropshire, in the UK, sort of between Birmingham and Wales! Salopians (as Shropshire folk call themselves) are immensely proud of this rather undiscovered, beautiful county and of the gorgeous, historical town of Shrewsbury.

Much as I love painting Shropshire though, it is rather lacking in coastline so I get that fix predominantly from idyllic lifelong family holidays to Cornwall.

So whether you like water, hills, faces, shapes, architecture, colour or all of the above, I hope you enjoy my work - please let me know!